OK Mozart Festival – Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey premiere my arrangements and orchestration of Beethoven’s 3rd and 6th Symphonies with Bartlesville Symphony (OK)

Join Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey and myself June 12, 2010 in Bartlesville, OK at the OK Mozart Festival for their headlining performance of Beethoven’s 3rd and 6th symphonies, re-arranged and re-orchestrated for the jazz quartet, with orchestral accompaniment. In this version, the quartet gets the main melodic material, while being backed by a Beethoven era-sized orchestra. Tons of research has been going into this project to get at the heart of the music and stay faithful to Beethoven’s intentions, while allowing the quartet to modernize the sound and even work in some improvisation! The arrangements have received input from the quartet, as well as previous JFJO bass player Reed Mathis.

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