NFO album update and sneak peak

Hi friends,

between these last busy months of performing and composing, the NFO have put in a tremendous amount of work on our first full length rock orchestra album.  This has been no small feat for a band whose members are taking auditions with the New York Philharmonic, playing with groups like Alarm Will Sound and Ensemble Signal, playing festivals all over North and South America and constantly traveling between different countries and states on musical errands. Finding time to get everyone in the same city (let alone the same room) this summer has been one of the exciting challenges of running this group. But these are the things that make having a rock orchestra fun, right? Especially when you find those few magic days you’re all in the same city at exactly the same time.

On this album you can expect some old favorites, like a new recording of my “Madam I Have Seen Guns, and You are Not One” (the one that got us attention from the BBC a few years ago) and new songs like “The Place You Go Before You Die,” not to mention a few others we’ve never even performed live yet!

We’re very excited about this album, most of which we’ve recorded in our drummer Jeremy’s Flatbush home studio. This album has been quite a project, You can hear a sneak peak from “Place You Go…” here while we polish it off and finish the last few songs.

I hope you enjoy it, and we can’t wait to play it for you.


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